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Again, a number of weeks have passed since my last post! I’m in one of those work cycles where time flies by while I move in six different directions at once.

Figured I should at least post some of the things I’m doing that aren’t top secret…so here are a pair of pieces I did on the topic of “the mind” as contributions to a forthcoming book about illustration. I’ll likely say more about this book once it’s available for purchase! Until then, hopefully you’ll enjoy my crack at visual descriptions of the inner workings of the primitive/magical vs. the future/scientific mind.

The magic piece for me is more about resistance, oppression, and loss. The science piece is more about the challenge of understanding the world around us and the struggle to cooperate to achieve great and terrible things.

Personally, I’m not sure there’s much of a difference. Both are rooted in the desire for acquisition and progress, and I’ve always felt like magic is only science we haven’t figured out yet.

Maybe I’ll have myself tattooed blue this week.