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Thank You Assistants and Interns of the Recent Past!

Thought I’d take a moment to thank all of my great studio assistants, and interns of the past year or two! They’re all students I’ve had in class at M.I.C.A. here in Baltimore, and all around incredibly fun and talented people! Here is a peep at their work:

Babs Tarr

Babs is currently living in San Francisco and working as a games artist and freelance illustrator! She was once upon a time a student of mine, a teaching assistant, and a collaborator (more exciting things to come in the way of us doing cool collabs soon)! You can see more of her awesome work here:

Heather Danforth

Heather is my current studio assistant and an all around go getter! She does great work for me and would surely do fantastic freelance illustration work for any of you! See more of her work here:

Abby Boeh

Abby was a one time studio assistant and is now hard at work as an art assistant and freelancer in NYC! Check out her blog/site here:

Jimmy Malone

Jimmy Malone was a teaching assistant for me in Lifestyle Illustration class and worked with me on a few projects too! He’s currently living in Baltimore MD and available for freelance work! His fine site here:

Kayla Wasil

Kayla is currently a senior at MICA, and worked as an intern and studio assistant for me over the past year. Check out her nifty portfolio here! :

Alice Tse

Alice is also currently a senior at MICA and worked with me in class and over the past summer! Look at her amazing work over here!:

Thanks you guys! You’ve been amazing to work with! There are some other cool folks I’ve worked with as teaching assistants and all kinds of other stuff! Thanks to anyone not mentioned here! I’ll hit you up in a sweet pre-summer roundup :)